Meet The Team

Get to know the minds behind this amazing brand.


Our Departments


Whether working in the office, remotely or at their own Carvan; it's up to us to make people feel comfortable and at home. We devote ourselves to attract Sharp-witted, Zealous and amazing minds while continually improving the employee's experience at PAVICTEK. The administrative desk responsible for the achievement of the goals set by PAVICTEK concerning its work space and as a whole and bringing it to Fruition.


We're the builders of the technological backbone of PAVICTEK as we deal with the operations, maintenance, installations and also the physically empowering other departments to think in a Safe, Serene and comfortable environment. From the machine engineering and it's maintainance to the Data Engineering, we align with the company's business strategy and execution of it's organizational goals by using our Tech skills to improve PAVICTEK as a Brand.


The product/Service Managers, the Data Analyst and designers are a team of astounding Brains who incessantly strive to grow PAVICTEK into the BRAND that's made for you and your Business/Company


We, being the direct link between the PAVICTEK'S Product/Service and Her customers, coupled with our proficiency in customer Relations as an added advantage, we do more than making sales as we also build strong relationships with our clients. We help to identify a Client's unique need and ensure they're met. We manage, track, convert sales efficiently as we make sure they get what they need, in the right volume and also at the right price WHILST understanding that A HAPPY CUSTOMER WILL RECOMMEND YOUR BRAND TO OTHERS.

Customer Service

Offering an amazing customer service is one of the goals as our customer support is more than just providing answers; it goes beyond that, to them having an easy and enjoyable experience with us. PAVICTEK Client's know we value their needs and ideas as such, we always maintain an open dialogue while keeping them informed and PRACTICING EMPATHY .


The Finance Department is concerned with the acquisition and conservation of capital funds, managing funds and planning for the expenditure of funds. We ensure efficient financial management. The payment team is responsible for accurately tracking what's OWED by our clients, ensuring payments are properly approved while also making Certain that client's account information/records is accurate and up-to-date in the company's System.


With amazing strategies of the tech-market trends, client's and company's needs, the competitive Scenery and creativity, the marketing department converts PAVICTEK into a Tech-lifestyle meant for the Global world.