Initially, not all businesses have the capability to be opened for 24 hours through 7 days, except those in the healthcare sector. But you can make your business available 24 hours through 7 days, only if you have a functioning website for your business.

A well-packaged product will always have the basic information about the product on the outer packaged material, so anyone (probably a prospect) who read through can either go for it or go for a substitute. Without being convinced by a physical salesperson, the prospect made the decision at a go.

This is also applicable to you having a good website for your business.
As packaging is a silent mouthpiece for the company, so also a good website.

Your prospect(s) get to know about your business through your website, even without you meeting them physically.

An average man will not take a business without a website serious, as he will take those who have.
Having a web presence for your business can either make prospective customers consider you for patronage or not.

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Have a wonderful week.

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